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Continuously pursuing development and improvement in the market, business and our company.

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About us

MDG, Metro Development Group, was founded in 1996, dedicated to economically, socially and culturally creating value to Mongolian development, clients, partnership companies and our employees. Our vision is continuously pursuing development and improvement in the market, business and our company.

The company consists of several subsidiary companies, including MERC LLC, Time Construction LLC, Metromall Department Store, Park avenue (Office, mall, and apartment Olonlog academy school and Peak media group (peak.mn and peak publishing) etc., which are operated in various industries such as mining, trading, entertainment and construction.

The company is centralized in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, consisting of major departments such as Finance Department, Research & Development Department, Human Resource Department, and Supervising Department. Our company has over 340 employees, excluding on-site employees. We’re specialized in successfully implementing diversified projects in diversified industries.


Our companies:

Time Construction LLC

Time Construction LLC was founded in 2001, in construction, interior, design. We’ve been receiving compliment by providing excellent buildings and services as soon as we get acknowledged to operate in construction, interior design, installation and construction plan from “Department of public enterprise and infrastructure, Mongolia”. Mentioning our successful accomplishments, such as, Royal Garden Luxury House Town, Spain Town House, Metromall Department Store, Pent House, Metro Business Center etc.

MetroMall Department Store

MetroMall was founded in 2008, known as Brand Department Store. It’s three-story department store which is located in the intersection of 4 main roads in the central area of Ulaanbaatar.

We’ve been proud of offering high-quality products from the world and local known brands, such as, Christian Dior, ECCO, Basic House, Monos etc,  to our customers with our excellent customer relationship service in the world standard mall environment. Not only brand clothes, we also offer various products such as glasses, cosmetics, fur products, cashmere, bags, and American standard food court named “Sizzling Express”. Sizzling Express differs from others by providing fresh and delicious meal with fast and hospitable service in super-clean environment.

From the beginning it was founded, we’ve been receiving compliment by our excellent customer relationship and retail-relationship as well. Over half of Metromall is based on B2B management which means having 80% of private retailers who import products from not only Europe, also Korea, Japan, the United States etc. Our reputation is set on customer loyalty which is a result of how we respect and work closely with our customers.

Olonlog Academy

Olonlog Academy was established in 2015 and is located on 26th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district, 500 meters to the west side of the National Park-UB Avenue address 363. Our school has comfortable classrooms and fully equipped gym that lies on a 8700 sq. m. overall.
We launched this new building on 3rd of March, 2017.Olonlog Academy educates 1500 students on a regular basis based on the 30-year experience of the Mongolian education system and the teaching and learning methodology of the elementary and secondary schools.

MDG Property

Established in 2014,MDG Property includes House,Apartment,Office Building Maintenance,Property Managment,Security and Engineering services.

We are providing services in the following locations: Metro Business Center,Metro Mall Shopping Center,Royal Garden Luxury Town,Penthouse Apartments etc.


MERC LLC was incorporated in 2007, in geology, mining, research and consulting. Since the time it was founded, we’ve successfully completed several projects, currently working on Del Undur project, Dornod aimag. We differ from other competitors by intensively cooperating with local and international professional companies and teams specialized in geology, mining, research and consulting.

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Metro Business Center B-3F, Sukhbaatar - 13,
Baga toiruu, Sukhbaatar District,
Ulaanbaatar - 14201, Mongolia

Phone: +976 7012-1908
Fax: +976 7010-0441
Email: contact@mdg.mn
Web: www.mdg.mn

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